The 2015 Honda Pilot¬†pictures are the second-best way to see its unique sense of design, but we really think you should make the trip to a Detroit Area Honda Dealer to experience Honda’s SUV in person. Seeing a picture of the interior and reading that you’ll have seating for up to eight and as much as 153.7 cubic feet of passenger space is one thing, but seeing it is something else entirely.

Before you make your trip to one of our locations, we thought now would be a good time to give you one more look at the specs of the Pilot and give a bit more context to those remarkable pictures of this new family vehicle.

Exterior Design


We love the practical nature of the Pilot, from its trailer hitch to its roof rails to its rugged design, and we think it’s got just the right build to be practical without being small. See the dimensions for yourself:

  • 191.4 inches long
  • 70.7 inches tall
  • 78.5 inches wide
  • 7.97-inch ground clearance
  • 109.2-inch wheelbase

And while it’s not something you can necessarily see from the outside, we thought it would be a good idea to mention that the 2015 Pilot 4WD is capable of towing as much as 4,500 pounds when properly equipped.

Interior Design


The Pilot’s 153.7 cubic feet of available passenger space make it easy for everyone to have their own area, even when your Honda is full, but one of the best parts about the Pilot’s design is its versatility. If you don’t need to fill all of those seats, you can open up and expand your cargo storage in a snap. Maybe you need to haul a large piece of furniture, or perhaps you’d just rather Fido not be crawling all over the seats as you head to the vet.

Whatever the reason, you have three different cargo modes available to you in the Pilot:

  • Standard: The Pilot’s standard cargo storage space has room for 18.0 cubic feet of groceries, band instruments, backpacks, and anything else you may need.
  • Expanded: Fold down the third row of seating and enjoy up to 47.7 cubic feet of cargo storage in your Pilot.
  • Full Cargo: If you fold down both the second and third rows of seating, you’ll have 87.0 cubic feet of space!

The numbers give a context to those spacious pictures, but we insist you get inside the Pilot and crawl around a bit to see it for yourself.

Visit a Detroit Area Honda Dealer today for a test drive.

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