2015 Honda CR-V

We want to give you a look at some 2015 Toyota RAV4 reviews side-by-side with what the same reviewers said about the 2015 Honda CR-V to give you an idea of which of these two crossovers comes out ahead. We encourage you to seek out the full reviews of both of these crossovers from Kelley Blue Book, Edmunds.com, and Autoblog, but we think these quotes paint a solid picture of the two crossovers.

Kelley Blue Book

Here’s what the value experts at Kelley Blue Book had to say about these two crossovers:

  • “The competition will find it difficult to match the new CR-V in looks, fuel economy, feature content and safety, but where it really stands out is value for the money.”
  • “While the RAV4 remains a top seller, other compact crossover SUVs have surpassed it in some key areas. Fuel economy, while good, is bested by competitors like … the RAV’s longtime rival, the Honda CR-V.”


When it comes to the interior, it’s clear which crossover Edmunds.com prefers:

  • “The RAV4’s design and materials are average for the compact crossover class, and a few of the audio and climate controls feel slightly flimsy.”
  • “Abundant tech features help the CR-V stand out, though: A rearview camera, Pandora interface, and Bluetooth phone and audio connectivity are standard equipment on all models. These are options on most competitors and, in some cases, not available at all.”


As far as performance and handling is concerned, Autoblog puts the CR-V ahead of the RAV4:

  • “The [Honda CR-V] is singing a new tune with the introduction of a continuously variable transmission (CVT) … in addition to offering unsurpassed smoothness, it has a 33-percent wider overall ratio spread than the outgoing five-speed to improve efficiency and drivability.”
  • “The RAV4’s suspension has received plenty of tuning adjustments, but it’s still geared toward smooth running in lieu of sporty handling and road feel.”

Review the CR-V for Yourself

We think that these 2015 Toyota RAV4 reviews from some of the top critics in the business make it clear just which crossover is the better option for our Detroit drivers. But we want to hear it from you. Visit a Detroit Area Honda Dealer today to take a test drive of the CR-V and decide if it’s the right crossover for you.

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