Breathe Easier Knowing You’re Protected by the 2017 Honda HR-V Safety Features

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    Among the many assets of the 2017 Honda HR-V, safety features are state of the art in this exceptional compact SUV. The HR-V has also garnered high safety ratings, including receiving a 5-star rating from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration*—the highest safety award that organization grants for vehicles.

    Keep reading as we explore the Honda HR-V’s safety offerings in detail—then visit your nearest Detroit Area Honda Dealer to take a test drive!

Standard Safety Features

Among the safety components found onboard the Honda HR-V, various protective amenities come standard across the HR-V lineup. Included among them are features like:


Honda HR-V Airbags

Advanced Airbag System: The HR-V’s advanced airbag system includes dual-stage multiple-threshold front airbags, side curtain airbags with rollover sensors, and SmartVent front side airbags. The rollover sensors that are part of the side curtain airbags can detect side impacts and will then send information to the control unit. If a severe impact has occurred, the side airbag is signaled to instantly inflate into the space between the door and the passenger. SmartVent airbags inflate quickly whenever a moderate to severe side collision occurs; they will also vent before inflating if a passenger is detected in the path of the airbag’s deployment to help reduce airbag-related injury.

Honda HR-V Rearview Camera

Multi-Angle Rearview Camera: A multi-angle rearview camera with guidelines also comes standard onboard the HR-V. This camera system delivers three exterior views to help drivers more safely back up and otherwise operate in reverse.

Honda HR-V Brake Assist

Brake Assist: Brake Assist is designed to detect hard braking and emergency braking situations and almost instantly delivers extra braking power. Brake Assist helps ensure that maximum stopping power is provided when it’s needed most and can also help shorten the braking distance.

Honda HR-V Stability Assist with Traction Control

Vehicle Stability Assist with Traction Control: Vehicle Stability Assist with Traction Control is another standard feature offered in the HR-V. This system helps reduce dangerous understeer and oversteer and also helps maintain vehicle traction on loose and slippery road surfaces by selectively applying brake force and regulating the HR-V’s engine output.

Honda HR-V Body Structure

ACE Body Structure: Advanced Compatibility Engineering, or ACE, body structure is a Honda-exclusive body design that helps distribute crash energy more evenly across the front of the HR-V to better protect passengers inside the vehicle when accidents occur. ACE body structure can even help better distribute collision inertia to other vehicles involved in an accident.

Honda HR-V Tire Pressure Monitoring System

Tire Pressure Monitoring System: A Tire Pressure Monitoring System is another of the HR-V’s standard features. Driving with a low or flat tire can be dangerous and cause damage to your vehicle. This system alerts drivers when any tire’s pressure falls below the recommended level so the problem can be corrected immediately.

Safety Upgrades

Other state-of-the-art safety and driver-assist features offered for the HR-V do not come standard but are either offered as optional upgrades or are provided in the higher trim levels. Included among them are features like:


Honda HR-V Hondalink

HondaLink: Among its features, the HondaLink application-based platform (which comes standard in all but the HR-V base model) features HondaLink Assist. HondaLink Assist enables vehicle occupants to automatically call for help using a paired cell phone if a collision occurs. If airbags deploy in the vehicle, the system attempts to connect the HR-V’s passengers to an emergency operator as well as transmit the vehicle’s location.

Honda HR-V Lanewatch

Honda LaneWatch: The Honda LaneWatch blind-spot display system is exclusive to Honda and uses a camera integrated into the passenger-side exterior mirror to provide live video feed of the adjacent lane. When the driver activates the right turn signal, Honda LaneWatch goes into action, displaying the passenger-side blind-spot area so drivers can make sure the coast is clear before changing lanes or making a right-hand turn. This feature comes standard in all but the base model.

Honda HR-V Real Time AWD

Real Time AWD with Intelligent Control: Real Time AWD with Intelligent Control is available for HR-V models equipped with continuously variable transmission. When this feature detects traction loss, it instantly sends power to the vehicle’s rear wheels to help enhance grip and aid the HR-V in remaining on course.

Experience State-of-the-Art Safety

If you’re ready to explore the offerings of the 2017 Honda HR-V and experience them for yourself, head over to any Detroit Area Honda Dealers location today. We’ll get you behind the wheel of this outstanding HR-V so you can try out its cutting-edge safety features and other amenities for yourself!

*Government 5-Star Safety Ratings are part of the U.S. Department of Transportation’s New Car Assessment Program ( Model tested with standard side airbags (SAB).

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