How Can I Prepare My Honda For Spring in Detroit?

Published: 4/10/2022

Honda Dealers Blog Post

When the warm weather hits in Detroit, it's usually a sign of great things like long walks, Summer road trips, and more, but did you know it's also a signal that you need to take your Honda in for service? Why you ask? Preparing your Honda for warm weather ensures it's ready to tackle higher temperatures, reverse the wear and tear from the Winter, and more.

What Services You Need to Help Prepare Your Honda For Spring

Tires: Spring service should include a full inspection of tires, including pressure adjustments, wheel alignments, rotations, and replacements when necessary. The added summer heat can cause older tires to crack and quickly fade.

Engines: A detailed engine inspection will reveal any possible damage from harsh winter conditions. Seasonal oil changes, coolant flushes, and filter changes also help maintain a smooth operating engine: clean air and fresh fluid help to promote overall vehicle performance.

Batteries: Increasing temperatures also shortens the life of car batteries by increasing the rate of corrosion under the hood. Our technicians can accurately test batteries to see if they need replacement and avoid breakdowns while away from home.

Cleaning & Detailing: Taking care of your Honda’s exterior will preserve the life of the paint and increase aesthetic appeal on the road. We recommend a detailed wash and wax every spring.

Other seasonal repairs include windshield wiper replacements for the inevitable spring showers, exterior light upgrades, and anything drivers deem necessary for their vehicle.

Learn More About Our Honda Spring Services or Schedule Your Honda Service Appointment Today

If you want to learn more about our services to help prepare your Honda for warmer temperatures, locate the Honda dealer nearest you in the Detroit area and contact our expert Honda service technicians. We will be able to provide you with more details about our services and get your appointment scheduled today!