What Does a Honda Oil Change Include?

Published: 10-04-2022

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Are you interested in getting a Honda oil change? Learn about what Honda oil changes include, their importance, and how often you should change your oil for your Honda!

Benefits of Changing the Oil in your Honda

There are many benefits to getting a Honda oil change, including the following:

  • Oil provides lubrication and prevents parts from touching. This prevents future damage and problems associated with engine knocking.
  • Raises fuel efficiency by making engine parts slipperier, thus requiring less force to move the parts.
  • It protects the engine parts from corrosion and reduces oxidation.
  • Helps reduce heat, typically caused by engine parts' friction. The oil carries the heat to cooler parts so the engine doesn't become too hot.
  • Cleans the Honda engine and keeps it clean, allowing it to run at maximum efficiency.


The cost of Honda oil change ranges depending on the type of vehicle, engine size, and type of oil. In addition, Honda offers a variety of different oil changes to fit your needs!

How Often to Change Your Oil

The frequency you should change your oil varies depending on the Honda model. Honda models are typically due for an oil change every 5,000-7,500 miles. It is important to get oil changes because oil ages poorly, which makes it ineffective over time at lubricating your engine and benefiting it in the ways it is supposed to.

Types of Oil: Synthetic vs. Conventional

Honda oil change frequency can also vary depending on the oil you use. Synthetic oil performs better in cooler temperatures and maintains its viscosity. Synthetic oil is more expensive, but it lasts longer. Conventional oil performs better in moderate to hot temperatures. This type of oil is less costly but may require more frequent oil changes.

Visit Your Local Detroit Honda Dealer to Learn More About Honda Oil Changes

Discover more about Honda oil changes from your local Detroit Honda Dealer! We would be happy to teach you more about the importance of caring for your vehicle and see if it is time for you to get an oil change!

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