Honda’s zero-emission cars have been pushing the envelope in green driving, and after they unveiled the FCV Concept car in Detroit’s very own 2015 North American International Auto Show, Honda made plans to bring it to the east coast. The next stop on the FCV’s tour of the United States is Washington DC, and perhaps we’ll get a fcv_conceptlittle bit more information about the fuel cell vehicle.

The FCV Concept Vehicle

If the name sounds familiar, that’s because Honda had a fuel cell vehicle in a limited market release: the FCX Clarity. While the FCX was certainly an efficient and environmentally-friendly car, the FCV takes things a step further:

  • Honda’s fuel cell battery packs have been engineered to hold 60% more energy.
  • In addition to upping the energy density, the fuel cells have slimmed down by 33%.
  • The decreased size of the batteries has allowed the FCV to have room for a fifth passenger, making it a smart choice for a family sedan.
  • The driving range of the FCV on a full tank is now over 300 miles.

We hope that we’ll hear more about the FCV, though official specs may be waiting until Honda releases a production model. Just because there will be an eventual production model of Honda’s new fuel cell vehicle doesn’t mean that it will be in the Detroit Metro area anytime soon, though. Keep your eye out for news of a hydrogen fueling station before you make plans to own an FCV.

In the meantime, don’t forget that the 2015 Honda Accord has an incredibly-efficient hybrid version available now. It’s not a zero-emission car like the FCV, but we think you’ll be impressed by just how far it can go on a full tank.

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