2014 Honda CR-VFor many people, the appeal of a crossover SUV is that they combine fuel efficiency, cargo space, and driver comforts into one package. But the simple truth is that crossover owners also want the benefits of owning an SUV, and that means power.

Even if you want to save gas and feel comfortable driving in the city, the rugged performance of an SUV, crossovers included, is one of the most attractive features.

When you compare the upper limits of Nissan Rogue horsepower with those offered by the Honda CR-V, identifying the superior vehicle becomes obvious. For those moments when you need the power and tough performance offered by an SUV, the CR-V pulls ahead of the Rogue.

According to independent testing, the 2014 Honda CR-V gets an impressive 185 hp when it is pushed to its limits. That same testing showed that the 2014 Nissan Rogue could put out just 170 hp. A difference of 15 horsepower may seem trivial, but when it really counts, you will be glad to have the extra power offered by the CR-V.

When you are traveling up steep or rugged terrain, the additional horsepower can help you maintain the performance of the vehicle and provide you with important protection against the unexpected. On the highway, when you need to pass around a truck, or speed up to respond to unpredictable conditions, the extra power under the hood in the CR-V comes in handy. And when your Honda is packed full of gear, luggage, groceries, or passengers, those 15 extra horsepower prove to be an asset.

This is not the only way that the CR-V wins out over the Rogue, but it is one of the most important. For drivers that appreciate the convenience of an SUV, or rely on its performance in their daily lives, there is no reason to sacrifice power for styling or bells and whistles. Plus, when you consider that the CR-V delivers significantly more horsepower without sacrificing fuel economy, there is no reason not to have the extra abilities on your side.

If you have been disappointed by the Nissan Rogue horsepower figures, locate a Detroit Area Honda dealer, and experience the power of the CR-V.



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