checkered flagHere at Detroit Area Honda Dealers, we believe that there are two types of drivers: those who love the Honda Civic Type R and those who don’t know about it. Honda revealed the 2015 Honda Civic Type R Concept in Geneva, and we’ve got some thoughts about it for you.

Profiling an Incredible Civic

The 2014 Geneva Motor Show gave drivers access to the first glimpses of the Civic Type R, and it takes some significant cues from the World Touring Car Championship version of the Civic, forecasting what may be coming to Honda fans overseas soon.

As it’s just a concept car, nothing is set in stone yet, but nonetheless, we are all excited for the Type R, with special design elements that not only look great but offer significant performance benefits, including:

  • Rear spoiler with new shape and angle to add downforce
  • Enlarged upper and lower front grilles for better airflow
  • Widened front and rear fenders for 20-inch tires

Sadly, the Civic Type R is still not available in the US, as it’s based on the Civic platform that the rest of the world uses. Drivers who want a performance-tuned track ready Civic can always take home a 2014 Honda Civic Si, though—it comes available in stunning coupe and sedan body styles.

To Learn More, Visit a Detroit Area Honda Dealer

While we are sad that the 2015 Honda Civic Type R won’t be making its way over to the United States, we can still hope that features like those on it will find their way onto Honda’s other vehicles. In particular, we’d love to see some of them make their way to the Honda CR-Z to give it more of a track-ready flair.

If you want to learn more about the Civic Type R, contact a Detroit Area Honda Dealer near you today.

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