If you were one of our Metro Detroit readers who made it to the auto show, then you’ll be very interested in our Honda FCV Concept review. FCV stands for “fuel cell vehicle,” which is another way of saying “hydrogen-powered car.”fcv_concept

But it doesn’t burn hydrogen like a normal car would burn gasoline; it combines hydrogen gas with oxygen from the air to make water, and that chemical reaction gives off water vapor and energy, which gets turned into electricity, charging the fuel cells in the FCV Concept and turning the wheels.

The Future of Green Driving

While it will be a while before the production model of the FCV Concept is even revealed, let alone added to our new vehicle showcase, we still think it’s a really important car to be talking about. After all, even hybrids send carbon dioxide up into the atmosphere, so the FCV producing only water vapor as a byproduct is a pretty big deal.

The information released on the FCV Concept has been limited for now, but comparing pictures of it to its predecessor, the FCX Clarity, the new vehicle looks a bit more streamlined. And when it comes to the efficiency of the fuel cells, Honda has been advancing in leaps and bounds: the FCV’s fuel cells take up 33% less space than the FCX Clarity and yet holds 60% more energy.

That means that the interior of the FCV has plenty of room for the whole family, seating five in this futuristic mid-size sedan while the FCX only sat four, and it looks like drivers may be lucky enough to have an FCV in their garage as early as 2016. Debuting in March 2016 in Japan, the FCV is anticipated to make its way stateside shortly thereafter.

One of the biggest hurdles on the way to zero-emission vehicles is the lack of fueling infrastructure, but Honda has just recently partnered with FirstElement Fuel to assist in the construction of hydrogen fueling stations.

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The second we know that we can put Metro Detroit drivers behind the wheel of a Honda FCV, we will shout it from the rooftops. Until then, please visit or contact a Detroit Area Honda Dealer near you for news on the FCV Concept and Honda’s green vehicle endeavors.

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